As a wedding photographer do I need a Sony A9.

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If you are someone who is lazy to read the entire post here is the spoiler:
Do we really need one – NO.
Am I going to buy one – YES!
Should you buy one – that is something you have to ask yourself. May be this post might help you in some way.
Photography is self-intrinsic. Most of the things that you do as a Photographer are to satisfy your self-interests. At least to me, it is. Yes money may be a motivating factor sometimes but most of the times the things that I do is to make myself happy. As a Photographer one takes so many steps/risks mainly to satisfy themselves first, and then to establish a conversation with the world around. Also through your work you are engaging in a dialogue with your fellow photographers, expressing what you want to convey through that moment frozen. And you tend do show your mastery there, or should I say, your skills, to compete with others. This competition is healthy, and it encourages you to move forward and do MORE. You tend to become better in this pursuit.
Though this is specific to Photographers, as humans we are all in someway super self-integrated. We want to be MORE. We buy things to satisfy that our self-interest. We do things to improve our standard of living. Why do people buy luxury cars? That’s a good question to interrupt. I was in Udaipur last week and almost all the Ubers there were Nano cars and it did the job for me without any discomfort. But still why people buy expensive cars? It is about style, it is about desire and it is about comfort/luxury. One buys them when he/she can afford it. It is their lifestyle and that has got nothing to do with what you are as a person.
Personally in my life I don’t do any of those stuffs. I live a very normal lifestyle. When my friends go to bars and expensive restaurants and spend thousands over a dinner, I hardly do that. I drive a car that’s 7+ years old and screams ‘please change me’, yet I don’t. It moves just fine, and I am fine with it. I don’t wear expensive clothes. The only big expense for me is the gadgets that I eye. But if there is one thing that I spend my money on, it is gadgets. I love to play with new gadgets. That’s gives me intense happiness. And it is not about materialism, no. It is about equipping myself within my strength to express better. Most importantly, before spending money I make sure that I find ways to make money with the investment and it would not make a dent on my savings. That matters.
If you are someone who already owns a good camera and buying a new camera will mean that you have to shell out your year or multiple years’ savings, then you ought to think about it. If you are someone who does not have a discipline and spends money in so many different hobbies then there is nothing major in this camera that you will benefit by switching from the existing camera, then the ‘let’s buy this!’ is not for you.
Yes, there is really nothing ‘majorly’ significant in the new upgrades that we see. But we love that little ‘extra’. We love a little extra time, space, money, opportunity, privilege, success, etc. Everyone loves a little extra, especially in things that mean to us. To me, buying a new gadget means empowering myself to eye that extra mile in my work. And it means to me. End of the day, it is what you want to do rather than what you are expected to do. Period.

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