How passion/purpose is more important that popularity/money.

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“I want to get into wedding photography so that I can be famous and make a name for myself”

That’s what a guy I met in Udaipur four years back told to me. I encouraged his idea to startup but strongly disagreed with the intent behind it. Many people are crazy about starting up because they want to be called business owners or they dream to be famous sooner someday. This thought process itself is a flaw, I believe. Ok, let’s assume you become popular. You have thousands and thousands of followers. Then what? Ultimately we are only a drop in the ocean of the universe and there are millions of people constantly sweating out to achieve their dreams. And the ones who are popular in the pages of history, looked upon as role models are usually the ones who have their hearts in place rather than the desire to be popular. Success, money, name, image – they are all the by products of purpose, passion and perseverance… not the other way around.

If fame and popularity are your fuel to start something, then seriously reconsider your intentions. Because they easily fade and they do not form the foundation of success. Also, you can never really have enough of money or fame. If you are passionate about something, and are ready to commit yourself to the work, then everything else will follow automatically, the right way.

Popularity can be paid and bought, but it is not going to help. What matters in real life are relationships that we build along the way who stand with us through the ups and downs. To be honest, given the little amount of name that I have earned through my work, I am now being seen a heard to a certain extent – which makes me think twice before I can experiment or even say a thought loud. I hold a responsibility to be correct, at times. In that way, all the popularity that we dream to achieve can only hamper us from trying things out with a free mind. Instead, I prefer to remain unnoticed and create work that satisfies my self and makes this world an interesting and better place for all of us.

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