What is your advice for beginners to effectively use social media?

1000 Days Content Challenge

Social media is a fantastic tool. Lets nod together to this fact and get over the usual complaints like it eats time, distracts work and such stuff. Apart from the leisure part, the real juice lies in the newer horizons that the Social media is opening up. Every time I go to a new city, the first thing I do is post my arrival on Facebook and ask out for things to do there. I get to meet many people in the process, and have made some amazing friends too. Connecting to people has never been so easy.

To harness the power of Social media as a business driving tool, you have to understand the knacks of it. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – they all function in different ways and pull different kind of people. What you do in one platform may not really work out in another platform. It is important to set your goals straight and categorize your audience right. Then, prioritize your tools and segment your presence accordingly. Once you have a plan, stick on to it and be consistent.

If it wasn’t for Social media, ‘Apple’ wouldn’t have identified me to feature my work in its World Gallery last year. That’s how far you’re seen today. Sitting at home, one can reach the clients, companies, critics and fans at the touch of a button. Don’t get carried away by the likes and shares. It can be bought. Rather spend time on creating quality content, for it always beats quantity. Authenticity is everything. Update only your best work and share only what is meaningful.

Social media helps you to create an image for yourself and your business. Remember, you’re being watched and what you share counts. So make sure you don’t exaggerate or build a false image. Moreover, it is no rocket science. In a matter of time, you’ll get on the top of it. Use the freedom and opportunity available appropriately, and make the most out of Social media.

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