How whiplash might get me back to giving honest reviews

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Every now and then there is a message in my inbox from someone who wants their work to be reviewed. I’m one of those people who take every profile review sincerely, because, at one point of time, I too was seeking a professional opinion of my profile. But over a period of time I realize I have become a coward. Instead of expressing my honest opinion, I land up replying with a GOOD, when what I want to really say it is bad. Then there is the great, which actually means it’s just okay. Very few “truly” impress me.
You ask me, why don’t I just be straightforward and give it to them as it is. I have burnt my fingers way too many times by doing that as not everyone takes my honesty in the right sense. My honest opinion is reserved for those I know very closely.
After this scene from Whiplash I wish to get back to giving out honest reviews once again.

Let me tell you a BIG secret. I’ve become who I am because I took very seriously the opinions of my toughest, harshest critics. These are the people who have led me to keep raising my benchmarks.
For all those of you reading, this is a reminder that feedback is not always personal. Feedback can richly contribute to your life and profession only when you’re serious about taking it. If you don’t want to do something about the feedback, don’t ask and save your time and ours!
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